On Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

As we watch in horror while Russia inflicts ongoing violence and suffering on the people of Ukraine, it can be hard not to feel helpless. Faced with a state actor known for sophisticated disinformation and propaganda campaigns, the need for knowledge and reliable understanding of events is also felt widely.

Association of University Presses members have long published scholarly works that contribute to understanding even the most horrifying and complex events—and, specifically, that can support a better understanding of what is happening now in Europe. Here are selected books, journal articles, booklists, and commentary from our member presses and their expert authors, offering essential reading to all who seek to understand the current crisis in Ukraine:

University of Alberta Press
(distributor of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press)

American Historical Association

Amsterdam University Press

Baylor University Press

Cambridge University Press

Central European University Press

University of Chicago Press

Columbia University Press

Cornell University Press

Edinburgh University Press

Georgetown University Press

Harvard University Press

Johns Hopkins University Press

Leuven University Press

Manchester University Press

Marine Corps University Press

McGill-Queen’s University Press

University of Michigan Press

MIT Press

Oxford University Press

Qatar University Press

Rand Corporation

University of Regina Press

University of Rochester Press

Stanford University Press

University of Toronto Press

US Institute for Peace

Yale University Press

Project MUSE (multiple publishers)

Also, the International Publishers Association, of which AUPresses is a member, has issued this statement of support for the Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association.

And the American Historical Association has issued a statement condemning the Russian invasion and its basis in a “distorted and tendentious misreading of history.”

Member presses: Please let us know if you would like to make additions to this list of resources.