The Digital Digest originated with the Electronic (later, Digital Publishing) Committee of the Association of University Presses, to serve as a gathering place for electronic and other publishing news and information. The committee periodically rounded up interesting posts and news items from around the web and around the community, along with occasional editorials on new developments in publishing and technology.

As the committee members and charges changed over the years, this site was handed over to the central office as a place for news, opinions, and more from the wider community. Here we have published such notable pieces as the “Books That Matter” essays, beginning with an account of the profound public and individual impact of Ohio State University Press’s 1990 publication of Justifiable Homicide, and spanning the book lists curated in the wake of the violent 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

As we give our Digital Digest a new life here on UP Commons, you’ll see meeting reports from cross-pollinators, occasional updates on Sustainable Development Goals, reflections and news perspectives, and more from our Association community.

Special thanks to Mike Sagara (Stanford University Press) for the original robot cartoon (2010).